Primary (Grade II-V)

Activity-Based Learning Model A ‘Hands-On Learning’ Approach


At this stage, the child has to transition from an activity-based learning model to a combination of both activities and academics. We at HHS, make sure that the transition is smooth and well-received by the students. With the primary focus still on the ‘Hands-On Learning’ approach- our students become active thinkers and problem solvers.

Academic Subjects Offered

Following core subjects are taught in the primary section




Storytelling Sessions
Social Studies/History & Geography
Storytelling Sessions
Storytelling Sessions
Quranic Studies & Namaz

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) Model

At HHS, the teaching paradigm followed is Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), which is subject-specific knowledge which helps teachers equip themselves with different instructional strategies to cater to the differentiated needs of students.

Formative Assessment

The focus of the assessment remained the growth and progress of student then only learning. Teachers are trained to design and conduct assessment on a regular basis and improvise their teaching according to the learning needs of students instead of focusing solely on rote learning.

Communication Skills

While the pre-primary section lays the foundation for the development of the communication skills, the primary section takes them a step further. At this stage, children are expected and encouraged to communicate in English, which is the official language of communication at the School. Rigorous reading and recitation provide the confidence to the students to speak up explicitly in English.

Creative Writing Programme

The school encourages all students to participate in the HHS Creative Writing Programme.

Creative Writing is original writing that expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way. Through creative writing one is able to express feelings and emotions instead of facts, as one would in academic writing.

Art & Music

Art is taught so that students can explore their creative ideas. Art exhibitions are also organized to promote budding artists.
Singing Classes are regularly held and students are given a chance to sing in various activities and events.


Apart from contemporary sports like cricket, throw ball, basketball and football, following sports are offered:
  • Taekwondo
  • Speed Skating
  • Cycling
  • Physical education
  • Examinations:

    1. Classes III – V have one Term Test and ongoing Informal Assessments.
    2. Examinations are conducted twice during one academic year, at the end of each term i.e., Mid Term in December and then Annual in May.
    3. Students are also informally assessed through Quizzes, Projects, Class Presentations etc.

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