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Welcome to the HHS School System website. We at HHS strongly believe in our motto- ‘Knowledge is Power and this is the driving force behind all our actions. At our School, education does not pertain only to academics, rather we believe in the holistic development of every individual.

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Parent Testimonials

Parents' feedback and input is critical for our success and the utmost importance is given to their suggestions and satisfaction. We are delighted to share what some parents have to say about their child's education and growth at HHS.

"Both my children have been studying in Happy Home School from nursery class. I, too, am a Happy Homer. HHS is one of the best and oldest schools of Karachi which focuses on imparting concept-based learning. The entire faculty and all the non-teaching staff are humble, polite and cooperative. This school is a complete package for a child, and I always recommend HHS to others because I think here my children can gain the same confidence and brilliance which this school has given me."

Hira Sumair Mother of M. Saif Sumair (Grade I IMC) & M. Sameer Sumair (Grade 4 OLS Junior)

"The junior branch of HHS- IMC- has played a pivotal role in building a strong base for young children. It's head Miss Humera Hassan, is devoted to her profession and is very cooperative.I am really satisfied with the HHS education system as with time I have noticed positive changes in my daughters. The best thing about Happy home school that here the balance between worldly and religious education is well-maintained. I would recommend you that make your children a part of Happy home system."

Arshad Raza Father of Zunaisha Arshad (Grade XI) & Fatima Arshad (Grade V)

"We are extremely satisfied with IMC because they do not burden students with homework which is crucial for the children’s mental health. The school takes adequate steps when needed, as they did during Covid-19. They also promote a “no tuition” policy, and instead conduct extra classes. The school has helped in the development of my children by giving them opportunities to participate in various activities, boosting their confidence. They also understand the weaknesses of children and help them overcome any issue on an individual level."

Sana Abdul Rehman Mother of Muhammad Yusuf (Grade I IMC) Halima (Nursery IMC)

"The thing I like best about HHS is that students are taught to gain knowledge from everywhere that is possible and are not forced to rote learn everything. HHS played a significant role in establishing my daughter's overall wellbeing. At first, she was introverted and shy, but her teachers have helped her overcome her fears. I think HHS will help her build all the confidence she needs to face the different challenges of this world."

Muhammad Usman Father of Hareem Fatima (Grade 5 OLS) Ahmed Usman (Grade 2 IMC)

"My children have been studying at HHS since 2005 and I’m totally satisfied with HHS as the teachers are good, management is good, and the school has been successful enough in retaining its teachers. The academic structure of HHS helps in preparing children for their final exams like the number of term tests conducted. The school has helped shape my children in moral and ethical values a lot."

Tehseen Fatima Mother of Maaz Ashraf (Alumni 2005-2018) Khadija Ashraf (Alumni 2007-2021) Haniya Ashraf (Nursery IMC)

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