About HHS School System

Education is the Key to Success

Welcome to the HHS School System website. We at HHS strongly believe in our motto- ‘Knowledge is Power’ and this is the driving force behind all our actions. At our School, education does not pertain only to academics, rather we believe in the holistic development of every individual. In these times of intense competition, while it is important to acquire theoretical knowledge, it is equally important to be equipped with problem-solving skills and hands-on experiences.


To provide a disciplined, caring and stimulating environment where students achieve their full potential in their academic, creative, physical, moral and spiritual development and strive to serve the country and humanity in general.


HHS is committed to excellence and integrity. HHS will retain the best of its traditions and incorporate 21st century knowledge and skills to enable and inspire students to lifelong learning, to excel and to serve humanity.

Chief Executive’s Message

Welcome to the HHS School System website. We at HHS strongly believe in our motto- ‘Knowledge is Power’ and this is the driving force behind all our actions. At our School, education does not pertain only to academics, rather we believe in the holistic development of every individual. In these times of intense competition, while it is important to acquire theoretical knowledge, it is equally important to be equipped with problem-solving skills and hands-on experiences. We believe in taking the academic and co-curricular hand in hand- our focus on curriculum is evident from the positions our students secure in the official examinations and our emphasis on co-curriculum shines through the positions our students acquire in national and internal competitions in a variety of fields. I am proud to share that we have developed a reading programme by the name of ‘CLOVER’, which aims to instill the love of reading in students. This is a mandatory 20 minutes reading period at the start of the day, and as per the parents has improved vocabulary, provided fluency in speaking and writing, and created the desire to read.

It is this training & development, which enables our alumni to attain success in different walks of life not just in Pakistan, but also all over the world. It gives us immense pleasure to know that our students and alumni have the potential to compete for scholarships, in competitions and their professional lives all over the world, and are working to make a difference.

The evolution of the Happy Home School System to the HHS School System, along with the visual update, aims to continue our Founder’s dream of providing an inspiring education for every student, while moving forward with the times and focusing on meaningful, joyful learning that will prepare our students for the future. The lit torch on the transformed HHS visual identity, a nod to the famous HHS candle, acts as a symbol of truth, enlightenment, leadership, and dedication to education for the last 75 years, and the years to come!

HHS School System Management

Ms. Ghazala Nizami

Mrs. Ghazala Nizami began her career from teaching at HHS Cosy Corner School where she discovered her love for teaching. After professional training in 1972 Mrs. Nizami worked at the St. Joseph’s Convent School. Encouraged to join the HHS, Mrs. Maryam Faruqi, groomed her to take up responsibility. She joined the Happy Home School System, first as a teacher and gradually rose in status, as have some other staff members. Mrs. Nizami is a staunch supporter and enforcer of the holistic education model at HHS which emphasizes that while it is important to acquire theoretical knowledge, it is equally important to be equipped with problem-solving skills and hands-on experiences. She has also developed a very successful reading programme, CLOVER, which aims to instill the love of reading. This is a mandatory 20 minute reading period at the start of the day and as per the parents has, “improved vocabulary, provided fluency in speaking and writing and created the desire to read.” Believing strongly it is only education that can change the status of a family, Mrs. Nizami, supported by the senior management, founded the HHS Fast Track School that operates on a highly subsidised tuition fee, this being an answer to the problem of illiteracy in Pakistan.

Ms. Tehmina Khalid

Ms. Tehmina Khalid, a revered figure in the realm of education, currently holds the esteemed position of Chief Operating Officer at the HHS School System. Drawing from her extensive tenure as the former Director of Academics within the same institution, Ms. Khalid brings forth a wealth of knowledge and experience garnered over 22 years of steadfast dedication to educational progress. Notably, her expertise spans 14 years of specialized focus on Quality Enhancement initiatives, showcasing her unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in learning environments. In her capacity as Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Khalid leads collaborative efforts across all spheres of school operations, including oversight of the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) team at HHS. Central to her role is the facilitation of continuous professional development opportunities for educators, administrators, students, and educational institutions at large. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in guiding curriculum development and syllabi design to ensure alignment with evolving educational standards. Actively engaged in policy formulation and decision-making processes, Ms. Khalid is steadfast in her mission to position HHS as a pioneering institution in advancing educational quality throughout Pakistan. Amidst the dynamic landscape of global education, Ms. Khalid remains proactive in her endeavors. Notably, she has spearheaded collaborations with AKUIED to establish the MFRC, underscoring her dedication to cultivating relevant and impactful curriculum models. Through her visionary leadership, Ms. Khalid aims to inspire similar advancements in schools across Pakistan, thus contributing significantly to the ongoing enhancement of educational practices nationwide.

Mr. Danish Faruqi

Danish Faruqi has been part of the HHS School System's management since 2015. He has a Master's in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor's in Economics from McGill University.

Danish started his journey in education as a Primary English and Maths teacher at the Gizri Government School. His varied experiences in the field have cemented an interest in improving the quality of education available to students, in both private and public schools, and preparing them for an ever-changing world.

His vision for the HHS School System is that it continues to grow and evolve while remaining steadfast in the mission to instill in students the timeless values that will allow them to serve their country and humanity.

Dr. Maliha Ahmed

Dr. Maliha Ahmed is the Director Programmes at the HHS School System and has 27 years of experience in education. Dr. Ahmed is a qualified MBBS doctor and also has an MEd Degree in School Leadership. Believing in the HHS Motto of Celebrating the Past and Building the Future and following the HHS

Mission Statement which talks about the holistic development of the students, she is highly optimistic that all students of HHS are sure to adopt the 21st Century Skills of Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, and Collaboration and become responsible citizens of Pakistan and serve not only humanity but the world at large.

Ms. Rahma Nizami

Ms. Rahma Nizami is the Deputy Finance Director at the HHS School System. She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Science from McGill University. She started working at the School in 2011 as a Finance Assistant and was gradually promoted to the position of Deputy Finance Director in 2016.

She is a team player and apart from fulfilling the responsibilities typical of her post, is actively engaged in supporting other departments, making use of her diverse skills and competencies.

She strives to see HHS School System grow and fulfill its purpose of imparting holistic education to its students. She is also a strong supporter of women's empowerment and works greatly towards the cause.

Ms. Shami Ahmad

Ms. Shami Ahmad is the Business Development Director at the HHS School System. She manages Shared Services across the HHS System. She grew up in the United States where she completed her education. She started her working career at the largest newspaper in Los Angeles as a Photo Editor and New Media Project Manager. Mainly working in the design and information technology field. In the UK she retrained as a Project Manager in IT. She worked for the fifth largest UK Charity as a Programme Manager on fundraising websites and oversaw IT projects. She also actively participated in fund raising activities in order to give back to the community. She continues to do so with charities in Karachi, related to vocational training and education. HHS is proud to have her on board for her valuable world class expertise.

Nadia Mehmood Ahmed

With an inspiring educational journey, Nadia Mehmood Ahmed is a proud alumna of HHS. She has a degree in Masters in English Literature from the University of Karachi and has clinched a gold medal in Bachelor of Education. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of educational practices is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge. Over the years, she has actively participated in various courses, particularly in Educational Leadership, emphasizing 21st Century Skills and Strategic Planning in Education. Nadia Mehmood Ahmed, a seasoned education professional with two decades of dedicated service to the field. Her journey at HHS spans nine years, during which she has ascended through the ranks. Beginning as the Deputy Section Head, she demonstrated her leadership skills and dedication, gradually progressing to her current role as Group Head. As the Group Head at HHS School System, her primary focus is on collaborating closely with Principals and Heads to facilitate their professional development and training. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, she ensures that the entire team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective roles.

Mehwesh Rehman

Ms. Mehwesh Rehman has been associated with the field of teaching for the last 19 years and is currently working as the Head of the Quality Enhancement Cell at the HHS School System. She holds a Masters’ degree in English Literature from University of Karachi and has taught English Literature, Business Communication and Academic Writing at private and public universities. She is an M.Phil. Scholar and is doing her research in Literature. She joined HHS in 2004 as an O Level teacher and since then have been attending national and international courses for her professional development. She has been training teachers at HHS and has conducted professional development workshops at other platforms as well. She believes in empowering the teachers to explore their fullest potential while shaping the learning landscape for the students. Her vision aligns with the vision of HHS and that is to shape the lives of young individuals with passion to learn, to grow and to lead their own lives and their community with a sense of purpose and commitment.

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