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A lady with a Mission

Happy Home School was founded by Mrs. Maryam Faruqi in a house on Jamshed Road in 1949. It would not be wrong to call her ‘A lady with a Mission’, because she certainly was on a mission to impart education, moral values and strong ethos. In the newly developed Pakistan, where there was chaos and limited resources, Ms. Faruqi set out to start the educational journey for as many children as she could accommodate in her home.

Since its inception, the School has managed to develop its own unique system of education. It is academically oriented and aims to produce socially responsible graduates adequately prepared to deal with real-life problems and those of the future.
The School takes children from age two and a half to fourteen years. In Secondary School, pupils are offered the G.C.E. O Level Syllabus, the Matriculation Examination offered either by the Sindh Board or the Aga Khan University Examination Board.

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