Service to the Community Through Education


The HHS School System is well-known for its academic excellence, with students regularly securing positions and laurels, and going on to distinguish themselves as scientists, engineers, businessmen, doctors, teachers, and other professionals around the world. The school provides a holistic learning model which aims to create the perfect balance between academics, values, and co-curricular activities.

The academic experience at HHS is carefully tailored to support the institution’s vision of creating responsible graduates, adequately prepared to tackle real-life challenges and those of the future.


To provide a solid education in the core and optional academic areas such as Languages, Sciences, Mathematics, Islamic Studies, Social Sciences, Computer Studies and Art.
To develop in children a sound character based on Islamic values, on tolerance, friendship, cooperation, honesty, good manners and courtesy.
To provide children with a well-rounded education, including both academic and co-curricular activities that develop their full potential and talents and instills skills for lifelong learning, enabling them to explore the richness of life independently
To inculcate in each HHS student a desire for self-improvement, high levels of success and a strong motivation for social service.
The School believes that education is a means of personal and social enrichment, as well as a way of increasing knowledge of the world around us.

Distinguishing Features of the HHS Education Methodology

Clover Reading Programme

Keeping in view the importance of reading, HHS has pioneered the Clover Programme which inculcates in students an extensive love of reading through time spent every morning to develop the basic reading and comprehension skills. This involves a silent reading period before the start of every day, which in one parent’s own words, has: ‘improved vocabulary, fluency in speaking and writing, and has created a reading habit.’

Academic Support

The school condemns the prevailing ‘Tuition Culture’ and offers utmost academic support for students who are in need of extra help- any pupil found to be weak in learning attends remedial classes until he/she catches up with the level of the class. This is done by removing him/her from the class during the periods of that subject, and giving double the number of periods with a group of students at his/her level.

Special Needs Education

Pupils with Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, problems with Retention, etc. that prevent them from acquiring the expected level of success get the personal attention of the Special Needs Education Teacher.

Faculty Training

The School Management believes that professional development of teachers is essential and an ongoing process. Hence the Quality Enhancement Cell among other issues, also dedicates its resources to provide in-service professional development opportunities, which helps teachers keep up with issues and current trends in education and also provide opportunity to learn other skills as well. The teachers are also encouraged to attend online and school sponsored in-person workshops and professional development sessions conducted by external teacher development organizations.

Islamic Values

Islamic values are at the heart of the HHS education model. One of the distinguishing features of which is the daily congregational ‘Zuhr’ prayers- the Secondary Section Muslim students offer it daily as an integral part of the curriculum. The students are also encouraged and guided on how to memorize Surahs from the Holy Quran such as Surah-e-Baqara, Dua-e-Noor etc.

School Health &
Medical Services

The school has full-time, qualified physicians and clinics where the children can be treated in emergencies. The School Physician conducts regular medical check-ups during the academic year and the medical reports are shared with parents. A Health Awareness Program caters effectively to the well-being of students.

HHS Values

To inculcate moral values in our student’s various values have been selected on monthly basis to be practiced upon. Throughout the month together we try to ensure that values are taught implicitly through every aspect of the curriculum. Teaching and learning about these values takes places in the following steps: Teachers explain the meaning of the value and model through their own behaviour. Pupils relate and reflect on their own behaviour to guide their own actions. Reinforcement of the value by using their power of expression in different activities especially in pupil led assemblies.

Physical Education

Sports are one of the primary focuses of HHS Co-Curricular Activities. Many different sports are taught at the school:


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