Pre-Primary (Pre-Nursery to Class II)

Student-Centered Approach to Make Learning a Meaningful And Joyful Experience

The ethos of the Pre-Primary Section of HHS is to provide our youngest students with lots of tenderness and a colourful, stimulating and happy setting, to make coming to school fun and exciting! We strive to create a home outside of the home where children develop a sense of belonging and begin their academic journey in a friendly and caring environment.

At HHS we believe that children learn by doing, and take a student-centered approach to make learning a meaningful and joyful experience for the child. The School’s unique Pre-Primary model of education, developed over decades, combines play, material use, and experiences, with a high standard of traditional literacy and numeracy skills to provide a solid academic foundation for our students.

We are committed to offering a well-rounded education within a welcoming and diverse community.

Language Skills

Development of language skills is crucial in helping children understand and follow verbal directions, communicate in full sentences, and use words to express their needs.

Immersive Environment

HHS is an English-medium school and the language of instruction and communication in the School is strictly English. A child is learning all the time, about things, people, animals and whatever he/she sees, around him/her.

Storytelling Sessions

We read aloud to children for similar reasons why we talk with them, which is to reassure, to entertain, to bond, to inform, to arouse curiosity and to inspire.

Clover Reading Programme

This programme is proven to create the love of reading in children, which ultimately develops improved comprehension skills.

Social Emotional Development

This is one of the crucial areas of focus in our ‘Early-Age’ curriculum- it helps the children in adjusting to new situations and in recognizing and voicing their own feelings.

Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills

There is a keen focus on development of motor skills right from an early age, which helps the children demonstrate basic large motor skills and exhibit hand-eye coordination.

Hands-on Learning

We encourage children to ‘get out there’ and explore- the early years’ curriculum focuses more on experiences than on classroom learning.

Cognitive Development

Learning starts from observance of surroundings- we encourage the children to observe and examine objects to gather information .

Play Time

We believe that play is not just a pastime for our little ones; it is an essential tool for learning, which stimulates creativity, social skills, and cognitive growth.

Art & Music

Art Classes motivate children to express themselves. Students are encouraged to take part in International and National Art Competitions.

Co-Curricular Activities

Along with the academic courses, co-curricular activities are also highly encouraged, to keep the childhood spirit alive.

Physical Education

HHS pays special attention to Physical Education to ensure physical health and fitness.

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