Announcing The Virtual Scrabble Olympiad 2023

A global event organized by the HHS School System in partnership with the Woogles team and Mind Games Incorporated.

The tournament will take place online from September 9th to 24th, exclusively on weekends. With a prize pool exceeding €8000, the Olympiad will feature three divisions to accommodate players of varying skill levels:

Premier Division (for participants with a WESPA rating of 1450 and above)

Open Division (for participants with a WESPA rating below 1450), &

HHS Youth Scrabble Division (for players under 18 years old).

To ensure inclusivity, the tournament schedule has been designed to accommodate players from different time zones. When registering, participants can select their preferred time zone.

Visit for information about the event and registration. It’s important to note that all games will be monitored and supervised.

Join us in embracing the future of Scrabble by participating in the Virtual Scrabble Olympiad!


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